West Africa Connect: who will be there and why should you?

Oct 4, 2021

West Africa Connect gives attendees the unique opportunity to find business partners for textiles, garments, and ICT services. But who will actually attend this great online event? And what kind of suppliers, buyers, and services can we expect to see?

The products
West Africa Connect will be the ideal place to discover the best from the West in garments, textile, and ICT. The focus lies mainly on fashion garments, interior design, and lifestyle accessories. These products mainly come from suppliers within the ECOWAS region. The majority of suppliers offer fashion for women, men, kids, and babies. There will also be suppliers offering fabrics, workwear, gifts and goodies, shoes, and jewelry. ICT suppliers for the transversal sector will also attend. These suppliers offer a multitude of services, such as building a new website or software that can help you with your production process.

Who will attend West Africa Connect?
Well, hopefully you! And next to that, over more than 200 suppliers from the ECOWAS region. Besides that, different types of buyers will also attend the event. You can think of international buyers from all over the world looking to grow their product selection. This could, for example, include a fair-trade manufacturer for home decor, fashion products, or professional work clothing. Some of the buyers are also certified members of the World Fair Trade Organization.

The benefits of joining West Africa Connect
So, what are the benefits of attending this event? Firstly, you can rest assured that, due to the wide range of knowledgeable speakers, you will get exclusive industry insights to boost your own success! Experts from the industry will share their knowledge and will be present to hold debates and discussions. The webinars conducted by these international speakers cover topics such as:

  • International market trends in textiles and garments
  • Shifts in sourcing countries and the rise of textiles and garments industry in (West) Africa
  • Success stories of African textiles and garments on E-commerce platforms
  • Digital technology in textile and garments industry
  • Sustainability: opportunities, challenges and initiatives in the West African textile and garments industry
  • The road ahead, including forecasts and scenarios for the West African textile and garments industry

So, as you can see, there will be a large selection of interesting topics that will be discussed. We hope to see you there!