E-commerce brings West African designs to the world

Jun 10, 2021

The beauty of African prints is no longer limited to African markets. Thanks to the rapid growth of e-commerce, every wardrobe can be brightened up with colorful, African-inspired collections of swimwear, boots, and dresses.

The women’s apparel market has been steadily growing globally in past years. Growth is expected to continue over the next couple of years – with brands offering a niche expected to grow more rapidly.

Ankara and Kente prints

West African designs are considered one of these niches and a strong e-commerce strategy helps to spread the designs all over the world. Take for example TribalByN – a ready to wear brand produced in Africa. Toronto-based designer Tehilah Abakasanga’s started ÖFUURË in 2015 and has been taking the fashion industry by storm.

Inspirations include Ankara prints and the popular Kente pattern indigenous to Ghana, which can be worn on the beach, as a fanny pack, athletic wear, and even in cold-friendly gear like trench coats and boots.

Furthermore, the brands are perceptive enough to take into consideration the sizes of virtually every woman out there as its outfits come in sizes within the ranges of small to 3XL.

Let’s get social

Products like women’s fashion tend to be more successful on visual-based social media platforms – such as Instagram and Pinterest. For example, ÖFUURË has amassed an Instagram followers-base of over 348,000 fans, including some of the music and fashion industries’ biggest names. So, where e-commerce opens up new markets, social media channels can increase the reach enormously!