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West Africa Connect: a unique opportunity to find your business partner for textiles and garments and ICT

This outstanding event will bring together textile and garments suppliers and ICT service providers from 16 West African countries and carefully chosen buyers from Africa, Europe and North America. It’s the ideal place to discover the best from West Africa!

Register and select your business partners in the online matching platform and meet at the event.

Why attend

  • PMore than 100 suppliers from 16 countries
  • PMore than 50 buyers from West Africa, Europe and North America
  • PAn online matching platform
  • PIndividual BtoB meetings with pre-selected partners
  • PUnique fabrics and garments - African designs
  • PProducts made with locally-produced raw materials
  • PICT solutions for the textile and garments industry
  • PMasterclass events with international guest speakers

VIP service for buyers

Enjoy our red-carpet service during West Africa Connect. We offer you tailored service on demand, such as support with shortlisting of partners and more to meet your business needs.

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